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November 23, 2009

Telstra – need i say more ?

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I had to fun of our main re-direction stopping working today…. who knows how long it hadnt been working for…. but then the fun started…

2 different calls that dropped out first (generally on the first or second transfer) , on the call that did get through – 9 transfers, approx 90 minutes later…. an inidian call centre, with a girl that couldn’t understand what a call re-direction was…… told me she couldnt do it and tried to transfer me back to the original department which i was forwarded from, when i told he that, she said to ring back… “what so i can go through the same thing again?!?”….  then she had to seek “permission” from her boss to be able to ring me back…. then she transfers me again while she was mean to be “speaking to her boss”… then i get to explain the situation all over again.

Eventually i hit someone in melbourne, who looked at her screen and said in 2 seconds “that service has expired – would you like it renewed”…. to which i said “i thought that didnt expire to feb” and she said “no, its expired mid november” – ok done…. that was easy… pity it took me 90 minutes to get to you! <i got home, checked my records, am am reasonably confident from telstras difficult to decphier bills that it expires in feb! – But only being billed twice for the same service from a company like telstra is a good thing!>

I’ve given up… time to listen to my own advice and never ever use telstra for anything!

(When i first got DSL, naked DSL wasn’t available – so i had to have a phone line, and the change-over period is crippling for a business! – Hence i hadnt changed over to naked DSL to take telstra out of that loop – A legacy issue which i didnt address – and now has come back to bite me in the arse! That’ll learn me!)

Fucking useless pack of lying, billing for services not provided, arseholes….  just as well their service has improved from what it used to be like. <and no, im not anti-privitisation of telstra, im pro-split of infrastructure/retail…. but it needed to happen 20 years ago, not now!>

If only i had some sort of following…  i could arrange “punch a telstra employee in the arm” day…..  maybe i could write a science fiction novell and then create a religion based on that? There’s a bunch of ready-made whacko’s that will fall for that.


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