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December 25, 2009

Steam – such potential…. yet simple things just done badly

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So to go along with the new PC, i decided to finally have a look at steam – the much abused yet interesting online game store at www.steampowered.com

So i grabbed the client, setup an account and bought the “ID super pack” – a pack of games from ID including the quake and wolfenstein series etc… to be what seemed, quite frankly, to just be good value.

Now i’ve only been using steam for a feww hours but…

1) why the hell should you need to use a 3rd party to filter the steam content servers? Its just not that hard guys! and ofcourse people are want to get lots of gigs of content from a local, and in australia’s case, un-metered content location

2) I seem to be only able to download 2 games at a time…. if i try to add another, steam crashes. After buying any of the “pack” type deals steam have on, aren’t people going to want to download the games they just paid for? why on earth can’t you just queue them all ? seems to be pretty basic functionality…

3) Everything seems to take an in-ordinate amount of time…. downloading a game…. ok, ill prep for that for a minute, then i’ll start downloading…. but if the content server is “too busy” <ok, its xmas day, ill let them have that one> – not only does it fail, but it has to “prep for content” again…..  so a) WTF is it prepping? there is no disk activity, no processor activity etc! b) why does that prep have to occur every time?

Steam – great concept – get rid of the clutter from game boxes, upgrade to a new PC – just re-add the games etc…. but just implemented by…. well… who knows! according to my brother in law, he last used it 3 years ago (or so) and it was simply un-usable and terrible…. its definately not good now… but is usable…. maybe they need a few more years of dev…. as valve would be short on cash…. as the half life and left 4 dead series weren’t very popular at all.


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