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February 17, 2010

Trying to rid myself of Telstra

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So i moved over the naked DSL a few weeks ago, disconnected my phone lines and sat back and waited for Telstra to screw it up.

Surprisingly enough, when they disconnected multiple lines – the naked DSL line stayed connected – a simple thing, but something you would expect Telstra to screw up.

But now i have final bill – which bills me for line rental for the following 3 months for the lines – apparently the disconnection details never made it through to billing – what a surprise! Using Telstra’s email support has yielded no response, so today im going to get the joy of ringing someone who doesn’t speak english to explain something very simple that will take an hour or two to get done… yay!

* Update * – i spoke too soon! when i rang to try and get the bill fixed up… “no, you have never been ringing us to be disconnecting the line” – and ofcourse, they now expect me to pay a pro-rata’ed amount of the time the line has still been connected for. Absolute fucking theives…. I’m just hoping they manage to disconnect without screwing up my DSL service….


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