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March 22, 2010

Michael Atkinson quits fron bench

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In South Australia, we have an Attorney General – Michael Atkinson – who’s greatest claim to fame is/was that he was the only state AG against an R18+ rating for video games – and aparently he has stood down from the front bench so he can spend more time with his family.

see story here… http://www.news.com.au/technology/atkinson-quits-as-south-australian-attorney-general/story-e6frfro0-1225843655743

Now just so no-one is in the dark as to how i feel about this guy – he, like most religious people – was evil wrapped up inside a body and its great to see this fruitcake go. He did have a 14% swing against him during our recent state election, but unfortunately this was not enough to dislodge him from his very very safe labour seat. The reasons why he really stepped-down may come out eventually.

Hopefully this will lead to logic and consistency in Australia’s game ratings system – bringing it into line into movie rating etc.

The comments on the news.com.au site indicate that Atkinson had many detractors, but also some supporters – very confusing and confused people, but still, supporters.

I happily voted for gamers 4 croydon (http://www.gamers4croydon.org/) who, while realisically are never going to govern, would have been nice to see get a seat in the senate. Pro-game rating, Pro-euthanasia, Pro-same sex union… pro-abortion choice etc etc the guts of it is, these guys were/are pro-choice…. recognising that people who choose to think for themselves are capable of making these decisions for themselves – and also capable of parenting their own kids. With around 6500 senate votes, they didnt do too badly. I hope come next state election, they are still around, with a new name – to take away the gaming stigma and the location-centric thoughts associated with them. Even better if the all the parties that believe in free choice (in their respective areas) could bind together and pick up a senate seat to help defeat the evil that is organised religion in politics, destroying our basic human freedoms.

whew…. bit of a tangent there 🙂 Anyhoo, atkinson moved aside….. federal election up next…. another election where we have the choice between a financially incompetent control freak or a catholic nutter to choose from… yay. Minor parties, here comes my vote….


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