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May 2, 2010

Australia tax changes joke…

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So the long-awaited hentry report in Australia tax system has finally seen the light of day, in conjunction with our current federal government realsing their “measures” for this, an election year.

Right now im furious enough that i dont think ill be able to write a post that doesn’t contain an extreme amount of swearing… so here’s some of the news coverage (Most from ABC news, unfortunately our only chance at actual journalism in this country)




http://www.news.com.au/money/money-matters/government-wimps-out-on-true-tax-reform-david-koch/story-e6frfmd9-1225861173369 (Watch the Terry Mcrann attached video…. i do like him…)

What an absolute embarassment… coming from a government that has taken us (as a federal government) from $44 billion in the black, to 188 billion (projected 2012 – see below link) in debt, and a government that has all the financial ethics of an Enron executive.


If Labor wins the next election, as a country we should be incredibly embarrassed. (and for you Rudd biggots, no, im actually not a Liberal supporter – both major parties are completely unsupportable)


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