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June 24, 2010

Australia’s (likely) new PM

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According to reports, Australia will likely have a new PM this morning…


While this is a step in the right direction – anything to get rid of the money frittering Rudd…. it obviously remains to be seen what direction Gillard will take the country in.
One of the unfortunately inevitable things will be the big “news” about Australia having its first female PM….ok cool… but isn’t the more important news whether or not she can do the job ? (I know im pre-empting this… but any Aussie knows what our half-witted media is like…. its seems to be a sin to put anything to substance in news stories here {exceptions noted for ABC new sand the Australian})

As it stands, both major parties have decidedly average policies – neither even mentions basic human freedoms as part of their policies….. Labour has the horrendously ludicrous internet filter plan and an astounding ability to make all of our tax dollars disappear (if gillard scrapped the filter and showed some sort of basic econmic understanding – it would be a bloody good start!). Where-as on the Liberal side of things there just nothing…. “lets oppose everything” with a policy direction that just makes me go “meh”….

Anyhoo…. I really hope this happens…. it will be interesting to see if gillards honeymoon period leads to an early election being called.


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