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June 25, 2010

A new PM – as expected

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So Australia now has a new PM – as our various news outlets have been giving mega-coverage too…. no great surprise

Im now left with a faint feeling of hope… but im also confident that it will dissipate quickly!

As expected – the “its so special that she’s a woman” comments are flooding social networks and the less serious news outlets…. i still dont get it. If she does a good job – fantastic, if she doesn’t, she’ll get “kevin’ed” in a few years as well… who cares what gender she is? Unfortunately the answer seems to be alot of people…. some of which i actually have time for.
One friend on facebook commented that she can now tell her niece that she can grow up to do anything, even run the country…. this girl is as smart as they come and a nice, friendly and logical person to boot…. but it completely baffles me as to why she couldnt grow up to run the country before this event ? How does having our first female PM make this more possible than it was before ? Im fairly confident she doesn’t read this blog…. and even if she ever stumbles across this – its a fair question!

It’s like me saying “now that there has been a ranga as PM, now i feel like i have a chance at being PM!” (but as pointed out here – we actually have had a PM previously who was a ranga – http://www.raising-redheads.com/famous-leaders.html…. search for James Scullin)

Anyhoo – i am very happy that Rudd, the evil spend-o-crat is gone…. im actually happy for gillard at the moment….. but it does bug the shit out of me that she will get a bunch of votes come election time just because she’s a woman…. not because of the job she is/isn’t doing….. ahhh modern society….. as a collective could we be any more fucked in the head?


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