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October 8, 2010

Telstra – part x (there’s been so many, i dont know where im up to anymore)

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A telstra reperentative knocked on my door today just after i got home froma  client site.

She was perfectly nice, but had clearly been given the telstra/big corporation (such as MS) trianing to badger a customer until you get what you want.

She apparently wanted to hear about all the bad experiences i’d had with telstra previously so she could try and remedy them…. FFS.

1) Large companies with an attitude like telstra’s (remember, scorched earth comments by Sol) is incapable of change. they have a “fuck services, were going to screw the clients over for s much money as we can” – this is not unique, it is also the attitude of MS, Origin, EDS/HP etc etc take towards their customer base at a top level

2) Thier systems are so inceredibly broken, that they cannot be fixed. What was it 439 billing systems ? and it shows. Hours on hold, multiple transfers – of which most disconnect you, and an inability to perform basic modifications to a serice without massive inconvienience. Sure every now and again you get someone who can help – but its not in a reasonable timeframe, nor is it easy. Keep in mind that, for me at least, normally the only reason i have to call is because they are billing me for services i disconnected 3,6 then 9 months ago.

3) horrendously over-priced and underperforming products. Simple as that. If you use telstra services – you havent done your research.

What particularly bugged me was she wanted me to explain to her my issues with telstra…. and a client rings about 2 minutes in after technical assistance, which clearly takes preference over explaining my issues with an organisation with total contempt for it customers.

<i should point out that i am a telstra shareholder… so i have an interest in them doing well…. but the part of me that doesnt like supporting fundamentally bad companies wins out>


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