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August 17, 2011

Worst product ever?

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I recently did some work for a mate of mine who runs a small accounting practice…. he’s a good dude – and i always have a lot of time for people that run their own business… so i said i would set his network up for a couple of scotches and a hug….

Anyhoo – my first experience with SBS 2011…, and it was ok – i still hate all the wizards….. talk about making simple things complicated…. but it all got done….. and was working well…. then we hit his accounting practice management software – Reckon Elite….

This absolute fucking piece of shit makes MYOB look stable…. The worst bit is, its effectively unsupported…. sure they have a support team…. but, well, to say they are “small business” is an understatement… their understanding of basic concepts seems to be amazingly bad…. they cant provide doco for their own product…. it requires 15-20 other produicts to be installed for it to restore from a previous version…. its a throwback to the bad old days of 80’s software development…  further words just escape me at how bad this product is… and the big thing is – if they could just provide some basic doco on supportability, it probably wouldnt be so bad (as it probably works when installed in a supported manner – but fuck knows what that is – they cant tell me!)

Reckon elite – dont fucking use it…


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