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January 13, 2012

Vent #1 – HDMI, media players and compatibility

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Its been an average day, so im having a vent….. well, a few vents… if you dont want to read me whinging…. ignore the next few posts….

So – ive moved into the new place, but still dont have all the network ports patched etc… so im trying to get things going as far as media around the house as best as possible.

I purchased a astone media gear mp-310DT media centre box for a pretty cheap $130. I havent used it enough to give a full review, but so far it plays all formats ive thrown at it and the HDMI (into an oldschool panasonic vierra TV) works. The speed at which it changes channels is terribly slow and mkv’s that i know have dolby digital dont play as dolby digital though my reciever… but, it works. (and now i have to explain to the wife that she has to use 3 remotes just to watch TV…. FFS)

*edit* – just after typing this the sound on the astone started dropping out too…. and the wife tells me it happened to her the other day too….  yes it is on the latest firmware…. so in short… dont get an astone mp-310DT

* edit 2* – after a few months i have found this device to be absolute rubbish. Sound constantly drops out (which a pause and unpause “fixes”) – cant connect to shares if they have “a password on them” – even though the interface allows you to enter credentials…. the interface is slow and cumbersome… its just a piece of shit.

Another TV i have is a sony bravia, HDMI ports 1 & 3 just dont work… HDMI 2 on the side of the TV works intermittently.. after some searching around the web, it looks a like a common problem for some bravia models….  so i connected up a borrowed WD TV (not live, its the original WDTV) – which plays xvid’s and mkvs… but the mkv’s with no sound…. grrr….

Then we have the asus ve238 27″ monitor i purchased a while back…. when connected via HDMI, the sound just drops out every now and again… i have found that if i select “all reset” and then power cycle the monitor, the sound comes back…. but fuck its annoying (for example it cuts out half way though a battle in SC2 or RAGE)

Looking at new TV’s, i had the whacky thought of “wouldnt it be nice to have it all in one device” – so started looking at DLNA enabled TV’s… first you have to get through all the marketing bullshit…. “smart TV’s” – what a load of fuckign shit…. the sony’s…. no mkv support, the samsungs seem to have pretty average reviews even though the codec support is good etc….

I dont think im asking for anything that advanced or that out of the ordinary… all this shit has been around for many years…. a TV with decent DLNA support, common codec support, hdmi input/output that works with 1/2 decent picture quality…. but alas – apparently i am.



  1. “and now i have to explain to the wife that she has to use 3 remotes just to watch TV…. FFS)”

    One of those Logitech Harmony remotes cured this for me. You program it up, then when the wife strays from the kitchen to watch TV, all she needs to do it press “Watch TV” and it turns the TV, Receiver and HTPC on, sets the TV to the right AV input, sets the receiver to the right input and away you go.

    Comment by Bayls — January 27, 2012 @ 3:54 pm | Reply

    • yer, its on the long list of things to look at dude! You reckon they harmony’s are prettty good ?

      Comment by hayesjupe — January 27, 2012 @ 4:35 pm | Reply

  2. Get an apple TV – jailbreak it and put XMBC on it – can run through a logitech harmony remote – only thing it dont do is 1080P which may or may not be important for you if you are looking at mkvs

    Comment by Andrew — February 20, 2012 @ 3:08 pm | Reply

    • dude – seriously a apple TV? No…

      Comment by hayesjupe — February 20, 2012 @ 6:44 pm | Reply

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