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January 13, 2012

Vent #2 – Dell delivery

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Last year, i ordered a bunch of servers, rack, UPS etc from dell…. it was late in the year, so delivery before xmas was always going to be iffy.

First up, Dells new-ish delivery partner – schekner (spelling?) left a missed delivery advice for a laptop…. i rang back to find i cannot pick up the package or get it delivered after hours…. so for those of us that work in a different location every day… it made delivery almost impossible. I waited 3 weeks until xmas in order to make sure i was home to get it delivered, but if it wasnt for that, probably never would have got it. The woman i had the misfortune of speaking to was also a complete fucking bitch.

Next, delivery of the server bits and pieces…. 3 servers, a rack and a UPS…. the servers and associated bits (rails etc) turned up in seperate bits and pieces… fair enough. The guy that turned up with the rack didnt have anythign with him to get the 150-kg-ish rack off of the truck…. fortunately my flooring was getting installed that day, so those guys helped get in down. If they weren’t around, basically we wouldnt have been able to get it down…. well done delivery driver!

I took the last delivery a week ago…. but still no UPS… there were extra rapid rails and a box with a manual etc (i always love the box with a manual in it or a single power cable) – but no UPS. The delivery driver that spoke very little english wasnt much help…. so i really had the option of send it all back and miss out on the server and the UPS, or sign for it and miss out on the UPS.

So now ofcourse, i have signed for a shipment which wasnt complete….. that i couldnt get any details on from the non-english speaking delivery driver and im down a couple of grand because of it. the Dell sales guys ive dealt with has been pretty good…. but it wouldnt surprise me if im screwed this time by the fucking thieving delivery bastards.

In addition, i have a couple of PDU’s and no 10 amp plugs (which may or may not be with the UPS in the shed of the scheckner delivery driver), these massively long power cords for the servers that have been a nightmare to route…. and a couple of huge 3-phase plugs which i get to use for comedic entertainment only.

Short version of the vent:  Scheckner – really dont like them – and if Dell continue to use them, i wont be buying Dell anymore.


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