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First things first, Hayes really is my name – yes, it is. No, I dont know where it came from – and yes, it really is spelt like that. (as you can imagine, i have to explain this alot)

I’ve been a Microsoft focused infrastructure nerd since 1997 and since 2005 i have been running my own consultancy, Adexis (www.adexis.com.au). We specialise in AD, Exchange, Lync, TMG, SCCM, SCOM, SCVVM, HyperV etc and anything else that falls into the Microsoft infrastructure space. We are located in Adelaide, Australia – and while this is our primary market, we do perform work around the rest of Australia. Dont ask me about verticals – Adelaide is so small you simply cannot specialise in verticals – and our clients range from defence to media to energy to health to education etc. If your interested in having my consultancy look at your environment – and your in Australia, feel free to drop us a line.

I have previously worked for Microsoft Consulting Services, on a 6 month (extended to 8 month) contract, and do get asked why i didnt take the full time position – and its simply because me and MS have very different ways of looking at work :-). We, as Adexis (one of my other employees also used to work for MCS) also used to execute a number of sub-contracts for MS, but a couple of re-structures, changes in local management and MS focusing on large partners only has bought that to an end.

Outside of work, ive been married for a few years, recently building a house and have a kid – so thats pretty much all of my time gone. With the bits left over, i like to have a kick of the (AFL) footy, play basketball/squash/tennis – all very badly. I like listening to muse/smashing punpkings/foo fighters/chevelle/staind/36 crazyfists/evenesence/Tim Minchin, and, no surprise, have been a computer game nerd since i was a kid. Recent faves are starcraft 2, fallout 3 and bioshock…. loved the system3 and team 17 games back in the c64 and amiga days (last ninja 2, alien breed, assassin, putty – i all have find memories of)

I am an atheist – and you will see posts on here bagging religion and the massive amount of harm it causes to society – if that offends you – i don’t care. If you don’t want to read this blog or use my consultancy because of it, fair enough, but while organised religion continues to fight to take away my rights, don’t expect that i will let (evil) things pass without comment.

If you are one of these people that really likes to show appreciation – and one of my articles has helped you out of  jam – you are more than welcome to gift me a game from my wishlist on steam 🙂


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