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December 18, 2014

Upcoming move of hosting

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Hi all,

just a heads up – I have finally bitten the bullet and registered http://www.hayesjupe.com and will be moving this blog over to that site this weekend (20/21st December)

I have cleaned up a little, got a new theme – and being on a hosted service, all features of WordPress are available – and I have a couple of things I will be trying out with the new site over the coming months. In addition, over the xmas break, while there is time, I hope to write a few new articles and update some existing favourites.

There will be a site redirection implemented from hayesjupe.wordpress.com to http://www.hayesjupe.com, however for those of you that have subscribed, I believe you will need to re-subscribe on the “new” site.


November 21, 2012

Home audio distribution – another thing that seems to be way harder than it needs to be!

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So, we’ve almost been in our new house a year now – and things are slowly getting done.

Based on the advice of an electrician mate, we went with a btcino home automation system….. suppoedly its one of the btter ones around…. i think because he’s used to comparing it to the (seemingly) universally panned clipsal “automation” solutions.

Im completely baffled as to why each endpoint (such as a light or a switch) doesnt have an IP address – and a central management station allows association between a light/switch/dimmer/sensor etc etc… but thats another story – im sure there are reasons why this is not common place – and i would really love someone who’s in the know in that area to tell me why! From an IT nerd point of view it seems so incredibly logical! (i realise there is control4, creston, x10 etc – but trying to get a hold of these devices seems inordinately difficult…. or in the case of creston, they want you to use an implementation partner… <and i couldnt get any of the implementation partners to talk to me when i told them it was for a home install – they just didnt care> i.e. mega-bucks!)

Anyway, back on topic…. so the btcino has an audio distribution system with 8 x RCA inputs and an AM/FM radio module…. so, my first thought, lets get a device with multiple audio outputs and stream mp3’s and internet radio though the device into the inputs – which are then setup in 5 rooms around the house…. nup, none of them seem to be around… how about a PC with a multi-output soundcard… dont seem to exist (although there are a couple of solutions for using a 7.1 soundcard as a 4 x a 2 speaker stereo output… which i thought was pretty smart) – to add to that, windows 7 (and ive assumed 8) doesnt support playing multiple audio streams simultaneously though different cards (again, there seems to be a $20 app to solve that)… so with a bit of dicking around, it may be possible – and im going to give it a crack (and ill post results here if it turns out!)…. BUT….. i cant be the only one that wants to have PC level flexibility to stream multiple audio sources from any location i choose into an audio distribution system…. so WTF ?

Ofcourse – one could argue (and i will) that a decent home automation system would have the ability to allocate a DLNA streamed playlist, internet radio station etc to audio channels natively…. but that seems not to be the case.

Anyhoo – any electrcial engineers interested in an open source project  to fix this fucking stupid state of affairs ? (and, in the mean time, if anyone has run into a multi-channel sound card that google cant seem to find, let me know)

August 24, 2012

Ericsson video compression

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Every now and again – i do a quick search to see what new compression techniques are coming – as obviously any advances in this area have a large impact on many aspects of what we do…

Came across this article – http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9230510/New_video_compression_tech_will_cut_bandwidth_use_in_half_Ericsson_says

claiming a 50% reduction in bandwidth for streaming….. as per usual, the article is scant on detail… but it will be interesting to see what comes of it.


Still on compression, visited a client yesterday who is implementing silver peak WAN optimisation (http://www.silver-peak.com/)

He’s saying in their (so far) limited roll out, he’s seeieng an 90% reduction in SAN replication traffic, 70% in SMB and around 30% in non-cached HTTP…. impressive figures indeed, will be interesting to see if the figures are still as good when it is fully deployed. On the down side, the silverpeak stuff is bloody expensive… but with the potential savings on telco charges – it may be something worth looking at.

August 16, 2012

The oatmeal and a Tesla museum

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i love the oatmeal (in a hetrosexual kind of way…. not that there would be anything wrong with it if it was in another way)

I dont agree with everything he says or does – but i do agree with  a lot of it…. and using your popularity to generate funds towards something in the real world – especially something of real significance (IMO), is something i strongly agree with (or as he would put it…. “like the shit out of it”)

In this case, i think its unlikely that the funding goal will be reached unless some corporates get involved…. but hey, i very much want it to succeed and willbe putting in my donation.

If your a nerd (which is pretty likely if your reading this blog) – you may want to have a look.

August 9, 2012

Steve Wozniak isn’t a fan of the cloud

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I haven’t exactly made my disdain for “cloud” services a secret – the whole “who owns your data” is pretty fucking important….. but with so many of the big players selling “cloud” as a silver bullet, there is bound to be some take-up. (Granted, mainly by people that dont understand the basics of data security, ownership and who view finding competent admins as too difficult)

anyhoo – interesting to see a well known IT personaility publically state something logical…. i spose it helps that apple products are primarily aimed at media consumption… and that they are making more money than they know what to do with!

June 27, 2012

Freelancer – not so rosy now….

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a couple of things have happened since my last post

1) the freelancer who completed my web page has contacted me saying that my “account issues” are holding up his withdrawal…. when i have no account issues… so while i feel bad for the guy, that he’s not getting paid – im powerless to do anything about it – additionally, he’s hassling me – as the freelancer support staff have effectively re-directed the issue…. looking at a few other pages, soome suggest that this is freelancers business model… to not pay their freelancers, or at least delay payment

2) I have posted a .net coding job – and, well, interpretation is a wonderful thing…. i would read “log reader that updates immediately when the file is updated” to mean “log reader that updates immediately when the file is updated”… but apparently it means update on a timer…. i have no confidence that this project will ever see an end – especially through freelancer…. but im going to see it through – as i have also read articles about how difficult it is to get money back out once it has been deposited.

if this type of site was run legimately – it could work…. but the more i deal with freelancer – the less legitimate it seems.

June 21, 2012

First experiences with freelancer.com

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Quite a while ago – i decided that my company website need sprucing up – and that powershell and vbscript just aren’t going to cut it anymore as some of the automation pieces we write for clients get more and more complex.

So… what to do?

Well, after finding a couple of web-design places that were locally based, i got a few quotes – for a basic visual re-design of my website, i’ll update the content… while there was approx 15 pages – most of these were the same template page just with different text, so probably only 4 or 5 unique pages… logo’s etc were already done, but some other gfx would need to be updated.

The quotes, well, for the places that bothered to quote, were ridiculous, $5000 at the low end, $8000 at the high end.

So, i gave up on this idea for a while… and then i thought i would give freelancer.com a go.

On the coding side – one of my guys cuts 1/2 decent .NET code, the rest of us script well, but are kind of hacks when it comes to .NET. (we can do it, but not well!)

Back to the webpage: I posted the job – and recieved a slew of SPAM responses, some legitimate ones and a wide variation in prices, from $30 to $250… with an average price of approx $200.

Freelancer.com makes you place a price range on your project – and many of the bids come back at the higest price in the range – i assume just because of pure laziness…. i have learnt that these bids can be ignored immediately – as these are generally from the people that haven’t bothered to read the spec at all and just send a template response.

I ended up choosing one of the lower bids who had good reviews – and to my surprise, he delivered…. it wasnt perfect – and his knowledge of asp/aspx was non-existant (i had to end up doing the contact form) – but considering the price i paid and the turn around time (of less than a week) – it actually turned out pretty good.

Lets be clear though, it was a very small project, there were communication issues (the freelancer was inidian) and when he could not get the asp page working, he wanted to fuck around with my web server – which is something he clearly had no skills in…. so that caused some tension.

I also posted a coding project – which the winning bidder never did anything, except make excuses and tell me it would be done “tommorow”.

I have now re-posted the project and have learnt from the 1st experience… and am trying to ensure the freelancer can actually complete the work before awarding the project… however i think the communication differences could pose an issue – as this is has some more complex concepts in it.

On to freelancer itself…. well, the site is not intuitive at all, its difficult to use, clunky and just messy. Their support people do seem to reply relatively promptly – but the unfortunate side is that for a first time user, i needed to send them quite a few emails on how to do what i would see as basic things…. and found that certain things need to be done by emailing support, which is disappointing.

The charging model employed by freelancer also comes across as a little dodgey, but i’ll re-evaluate once im a bit more used to the site.

June 15, 2012

Love it – a retailer to call people on using shitty old stuff

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May 9, 2012

Blogging and new clients

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So – yesterday i visited my first client that has ever come us (adexis) via this blog – only a small engagement, but knocked off a major issue they had apparently been having for 3 years…. cool.

Oh – and apparently i fucking swear a lot…. meh…. thats me.

September 2, 2011

Those random dots….

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Every now and again ill have a look at the stats for this blog – and also the clustermap…… im always amazed that i have readers from the artic (apparently)…. im amazed that penguin flippers would be able to type accurately or use a mouse…. or polar bear paws…. just goes to show how fucking awesome polar bears are!

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